Who I am

I’m an illustrator today, filmmaker last week, photographer last month and art director last year. A new cycle might start again soon.

I’m a Brazilian multimedia artist based in London and Madrid. I search for inspiration in everyday life and turn ordinary objects and scenes into intriguing images that sometimes take shape as illustration, sculptures, installations, paintings or video-art. He sees the world with a little twist on reality. And by de-contextualising them, I change the way they are perceived and engage the audience in a unexpected and playful way. I try to have fun, basically.



In August 2013, whilst lunch break walking on Redchurch Street in East London, a brick fell from the 4th floor scaffolding of a building site and missed me by millimeters. It made me think I should be doing more or what I love, drawing. It was a turning point and I hope my future. I went back to the office and resigned.

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