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This story is about a little key called Otto Keys and his search for love. He was once happy with his other half, Rita. They were made for each other. However selfish humans separated them in the name of love. He started his journey in Paris, but Rita wasn't there.


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Otto’s search for Rita Lock was getting unbearable. Depressed and hopeless he thought about ending his pain. Mr. Smith, an old wise key, tried to help him.
Mr Smith: - Hey boy. I understand your pain. 
Otto: - Leave me alone. I won’t find her again.
Mr Smith: - Look at me, the wrong love broke me in half. You are young and strong. Don’t give up.
Otto: - The world is too big...
Mr Smith: - If you never try, you will never know.
And Otto left Paris.


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Otto went to America in search of Rita, his only love. He made new friends - a busker and a 'The King', a keyring bottle opener. They helped him to forget Rita for a while.
Busker - Hey little fella, what's up?
Otto - What? 
Busker - I can tell by the way you use your walk... you're not from here. 
Otto - I just arrived. I came from Paris. I’m looking for my…
Busker - Fugeddaboudit! Listen, let me introduce you to The King, he has stuff that'll make you feel goooood!
Otto spent the night with Busker and The King. He woke up next day, still without Rita, and with a huge hangover.


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In the next day, while walking around Manhattan Bridge Otto couldn't hold his metal impulse and turned into an animal trying to make love with a lonely padlock. It didn't worked out. Otto left NY full of guilty and thinking about Rita.


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Otto went back to Paris. His old friend Pierre told him that Rita had left. She left a note saying
'I'm leaving you for someone who knows what a woman needs. Adiós, Rita'
Pierre - It's hard, my friend... She escaped with a hairclip.
Otto - Oh noooo! A Hairclip?
Pierre - Yes, a Hairclip. This is the end.


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Otto Keys left Paris with his heart broken. However he finally found the love of his life, Alicia. They got married. Otto and Alicia Keys lived happily ever after.


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The End