My first publishing work. A compilation of the best of his latest project, Photo Invasion.


 Photo Invasion is a one-frame story. I subvert other people’s photographs by adding my illustrative touch, changing the original narrative in an unexpected way. I am a photograph hunter who wants to see the world in a more playful way. My social media followers and friends are multiplying daily, which is what’s driving me to continue with the project which actually started in 2014 as a prank (and it’s still a prank really).

 I’ve been thinking about publishing this book for some time, not because I want to sell it, but because I want other people to literally feel this project I love so much. I want Photo Invasion to live in the physical world, because if a magnetic bomb destroys all the digital files in the planet, these stories will now never disappear.

lucas levitan book

To select the invasions for this book was a very difficult process of ‘killing my babies’. I would’ve loved to have included all of them. I distinctly remember the very moment I ‘stole’ each of the photographs I have invaded. I recall the music I was listening to when found them, the parallel story that first came to my mind when I saw the original photograph for the first time, but mainly I remember the massive sense of satisfaction and the fun I had drawing each invasion.

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